Huawei Mate X is a first foldable phone you’ll want to buy

HUAWEI Mate X debuted at the firm’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) keynote and recently got the chance to go hands-on with it. After a brief time with the product we believe it is the first foldable phone you will actually want to buy, if you can afford it.

Huawei Mate X is the firm’s first foldable flagship that has a single 8-inch display that folds round the device.

This is different to the foldable method employed by the Samsung Galaxy Fold that flexes on top of itself, effectively doubling its thickness.

Unfolded, the Mate X boasts an 8-inch panel …

Here’s How you can enable the secret, hidden dark mode in Facebook Messenger

The love of dark mode options in apps and operating systems shows no sign of waning. While a large number of big-names have added dark modes, there are still plenty that need to jump on the bandwagon. One app that has held out is Facebook Messenger, but there is secret dark mode option that you can enable.

Probes into the Facebook Messenger app had already revealed that Facebook was working on darker hues, and it even rolled out to small number of users in the latter part of last year — but not everyone. Now you can use a little …

iPhone 11 may be Apple’s foldable phone project

APPLE has been “experimenting” with flexible screens in secret labs for years, a top analyst believes.

It gives hope to Apple fans who want to see a foldable iPhone to rival the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

This year has seen a sudden flood of foldable phones from top brands like Samsung and Huawei, along with lesser known rivals TCL and Royole.

Even Motorola looks poised to re-release the classic Motorola Razr as a foldable smartphone device – but we’ve heard nothing from Apple ahead of its rumoured iPhone 11 launch later in the year.

However, one top …

Our pick from smartphones from Mobile World Congress 2019

The last week has been a whirlwind of jamón-flavored chips, 5G talk and things that fold, so naturally, we’re still reeling a bit. As we begin pulling ourselves out of this trade show-induced stupor, though, we’ve taken stock of everything we’ve seen in Barcelona and compiled this list of our favorite smartphones from the show floor.

Not everything that made the cut will be a massive success, or go on sale around the world — still, because of the ambition and ingenuity that went into each of these devices, each is worth celebrating in its own way.

Samsung Galaxy S10+…

Samsung Added Screen Protectors to Galaxy S10 Phones After Issues

One of the first questions everyone asks when a new phone is announced is “how breakable is it going to be?”, and while it’s a bigger issue for Samsung’s bendy Galaxy Fold than its S10 line, people still want to know how smashy a new phone is before spending their money.

Up to now, the S10 has looked a bit dodgy smash-wise because some third-party screen protectors shown before the phone even launched had holes in them. That’s because the S10 and S10 Plus have ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensors, and they couldn’t read your finger through a thick layer of …

Samsung offering Foldable Displays to Apple and Google?

In the wake of the launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has begun shopping around its foldable display technology to other companies. ETNews (Translate) reports that they have specifically provided samples to Apple and Google:
According to the industry on the 27th, Samsung Display made a set of foldable display and delivered it to Apple. This set, which is actually powered like a smartphone, has a 7.2-inch size foldable panel. 7.2 inches is 0.1 inches smaller than the Samsung Folder ‘Galaxy Fold’.

Samsung has historically been both supplier and competitor to Apple and other smartphone manufacturers and provides the OLED …

Why you may not consider buying a 5G smartphone right now

At a Mobile World Congress keynote panel on the timing of 5G devices, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon declared with confidence, “The phones are ready; we’re just waiting for the networks.”

At a Mobile World Congress keynote panel on the timing of 5G devices, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon declared with confidence, “The phones are ready; we’re just waiting for the networks.”

About an hour later in a briefing room a mere 10 feet below that keynote hall, AT&T Chief Technology Officer Andre Fuetsch told CNET, “The issue is devices. Frankly, we’re waiting on the devices.”

After years of work on …

Google asks everyone to update their Chrome browser right now

It’s always smart to keep all of your software up to date, but it’s not too often that a developer goes out of its way to stress to all of its users that they should drop everything and apply the latest update as soon as possible. But that is exactly what Google has done this week, as Clement Lecigne of the company’s Threat Analysis Group reveals in a blog post that two zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google Chrome.

First reported on February 27th, Google was quick to release an update two days later on March 1st to address …

Our Take on Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

We’ve had to wait some time for Philips to forge an outdoor range of Hue lights to match its impressive array of indoor solutions, but momentum is building quickly.

Last summer, we finally got our hands on with the Hue Calla bollard lamps and outdoor lightstrips – we found both to be capable, if costly, additions to the line-up. Now this year, Philips is doubling down on garden lighting with two new wall-mounted fixtures and the subject of today’s review, the $50 Hue Outdoor Sensor.

This device plays a similar role to the Hue Motion Sensor, which has been available …

Major tech giants are vulnerable to Intel’s chip production issues

The rising demand and shortfall of supply has caused a major disruption in the functioning of the technical community and is hurting the tech giants such as HP, Microsoft, and Apple. Intel’s CPU shortage started last year and the bottleneck is still prevailing with no major commitments to when the 14 nm chips will be available. According to the reports, Intel has invested around $1 billion into its 14nm chip production site and claims that the issue will be resolved very soon. If sources are to be believed, Intel’s exclusive deal to Apple initiated the problem where Intel is trying…