Researchers Creates Bacteria With fully redesigned DNA. Is This Artificial life?

In a new milestone in synthetic biology, Cambridge scientists creates altered synthetic genome, in move with potential medical benefits.

A colored electron micrograph of the bacteria E. coli. Scientists at the University of Cambridge created bacteria with “recoded” DNA. 

Scientists have created a living organism whose DNA is entirely human-made — perhaps a new form of life, experts said, and a milestone in the field of synthetic biology.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge on Wednesday reported that they had rewritten the DNA of the bacteria Escherichia coli, fashioning a synthetic genome four times larger and far more complex than any …

Evolution of Malaria is being speculated from the era of dinosaurs!

A new study has refuted all the thoughts for calling malaria a disease to be developed in the tropical area. Apart from this, this study has also revealed that the vertebrate hosts that evolved firstly and are responsible for the deadly disease may also have been involved the gigantic species of the dinosaurs. The disease Malaria is thought to be of the exclusive modern origin and its causative agent is Anopheles mosquitoes.

According to George Poinar, from Oregon State University of US the ancestral forms of this disease used different insect vectors and malarial strains, and may have helped shape …

MoU signed by India and U.S for the construction of LIGO project!!

India and U.S are coming together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Thursday for the edifice of a state of the art for a project that is Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the nation of India. The National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States and the integrated India’s department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and the Department of Science and Technology will sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

The MoU will be signed between the National Science Foundation USA and India’s Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Science and Technology.

DAE secretary Sekhar Basu will be …

Development of inflatable home in space called ‘Beam’ for Astronauts initiated by NASA

Coming together to walk a step closer to the ultimate facet of the Mars mission, the development of a resilient niche for the skilled astronauts by the influential astronauts of NASA is been formulated. The Bigelow Expandable Space Activity Module (BEAM) has been disclosed, the newly released addition that allows the astronaut to get associated with the back of the space station and bring about inflation to twice.

This habitat technology can be easily transported to space without consuming much storage space on spacecraft. It will also help to protect astronauts from harmful cosmic and ultraviolet radiation in space. BEAM …

Rare sand eating tadpoles found at Western Ghats home

With the latest cracker, success has been profound to the discovery of rapidly growing species of frog in the country. The hard work, sincerity amalgamated with the skills of scientists have led to the invention of unparalleled tadpoles that are known for said to be sand eating in the realms of Western Ghats. They are found to stay in absolute darkness till the process of their development into young frogs.

These tadpoles, which they claim have ribs, live in absolute darkness, maybe till the time they develop into young frogs.

As per a report published in The Hindu, the tadpole …

Houseplants Will Purify Your Air: NASA

Houseplants can bring much-needed life to any room, and more and more milennials are choosing houseplants over pets and children. The millennial houseplant obsession is real and based in large part by the fact that many of us are doomed to be renters in urban environments, so our exposure to nature has to be brought indoors. But whether you live in the suburbs, the country, or the city, a previously drab and uninspired space can immediately be spruced up by the addition of an interesting houseplant.

But houseplants aren’t just for decor—they can have health benefits too. Science says the …

SpaceX in race with Boeing to crewed flights

The successful voyage of SpaceX’s unmanned Crew Dragon to the International Space Station this weekend put the US one tantalizing step closer to the day when American rockets will again ferry the nation’s astronauts into space.

Sometime this summer, both Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and Boeing Co. are scheduled to launch crews toward the ISS, ending a long drought in which the US has had to hitch rides in Russia’s Soyuz capsules. NASA awarded them contracts worth as much as a combined $6.8 billion in 2014 to fly US astronauts to the ISS, splitting what’s known as the …

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Successful Launch

Washington: In what is being called a “revolutionary step” to get humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond, Elon Musk-owned SpaceX’s on Saturday successfully launched its unmanned Crew Dragon test flight to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA said. Demo-1 is the first test mission of a commercially built and operated American spacecraft and rocket designed for humans.

The test flight was launched successfully at 2:49 am EST on the company’s Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Crew Dragon is safely in orbit en route to its docking at the ISS …

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launching One Of Its Biggest Rocket To Compete With Arch Rivals

Falcon Heavy Rockets are one of the efficient rocket of 21st century, designed and developed by SpaceX. The company wants to claim the sky with the launch of heavy rockets. With this, they set a new milestone in the space industry. Falcon will place a satellite related to communications for Saudi Arabia.  The liftoff for this satellite was planned for Wednesday. They will use the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida.

The initial news suggested that they are postponing the launch to Thursday.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Features

  • Most Operational Rocket of the world.
  • The sticker price of this

Scientists Unveiling The First Ever Images Of Amazing Black Hole

The world is expecting the first image of Black Hole on early Wednesday morning. The image was constructed from the huge data which was gathered from the observatories. Black Hole is located at the extreme center of our galaxy. The pictures of Black Hole is a huge event in the world of space discoveries. It is impossible to see the Black Holes by our naked eyes because of their dense material. Gravitational pull around the Black Hole is so strong that celestial bodies can’t escape the force.

The discovery of Black Hole is based on the program of Event Horizon …