Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launching One Of Its Biggest Rocket To Compete With Arch Rivals

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launching One Of Its Biggest Rocket To Compete With Arch Rivals

Falcon Heavy Rockets are one of the efficient rocket of 21st century, designed and developed by SpaceX. The company wants to claim the sky with the launch of heavy rockets. With this, they set a new milestone in the space industry. Falcon will place a satellite related to communications for Saudi Arabia.  The liftoff for this satellite was planned for Wednesday. They will use the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida.

The initial news suggested that they are postponing the launch to Thursday.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Features

  • Most Operational Rocket of the world.
  • The sticker price of this rocket is around $90.
  • Primarily used for military missions.
  • Launching of various satellites
  • Equipped with three rocket boosters

Elon Musk is planning to send Tesla Roadster with Falcon Heavy Rocket to check the payload. This decision is widely acclaimed by Space Scientists. A mannequin is also paying the visit with the car. Thousands of people are expected to watch the propulsion of the rocket. This will be widely streamed over the internet.

Falcon Heavy version flying for this week is quite different from the previous one. Elon Musk’s visions are highly acclaimed by all the space scientists. He is a revolutionary man with big ideas to transform the world. The satellite will launch transmissions for various entertainment channels.

NASA is also planning to launch several satellites in the near future. Air Force is working closely with SpaceX on several missions in the next few months to develop their inventions in the space.

Falcon is lifting the Propellant Infusion of NASA which will check the usability of chemicals in rockets. It is the second trip for the rocket with loaded satellites in the space. Arabsat is closely working with SpaceX.  

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