AT&T Launches 5G Network in Seven New Cities, Covering 19 cities Now

AT&T Launches 5G Network in Seven New Cities, Covering 19 cities Now

April 12, 2019 — 5G networks is now making its way into the world of all mobile phones, thanks to AT &T, for doing so. Although it had been reported that Verizon, a rival network company to AT and T, had taken the initiative for turning the network in the cities of Chicago and Minneapolis; but the whole fame isn’t going to rest with them. AT and T has recently declared that it has solely been responsible for introducing the 5G network to seven other cities in the country, namely Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and even San Jose.

With this great initiative, this is said to be a total of 19 cities in the United States, which have a whole new 5G network created. This is a good head start on the part of the company, and the users of their rival Verizon cannot use the network on any of their 5G phones. With so many smartphones launched with the market with 5G settings, AT and T is focusing on bringing out another model of Samsung 5G smartphones in the market soon. Along with that, Verizon has listed that it would convert the Moto Z3 model to a 5G phone by just changing the mod settings of it and would also likely introduce the new Galaxy S10 5G to go neck to neck in the race.

Other mobile networks like Sprint would also start its 5G network across cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and even Kansas City. It would also launch the new LG V50 ThinkQ Smart Phone with the 5G network. T Mobiles has also decided to launch its 5G smartphones, but the date of release is yet to be announced.

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