McConnell defies public endorsement of Herman Cain for Federal Reserve Board

President Trump’s nomination of Cain and Moore as a Federal Reserve Board candidate has led to turbulence in the Senate. When asked by reporters, Arthur McConnell punted and refused to publicly endorse the nominees. In his statement, he was quite stern on the nominations of Former pizza chain executive Herman Cain and conservative economists Stephen Moore.

The noncommittal stance by McConnell drives serious trepidation towards the nominees as the Senate leadership does not find them worthy enough for such crucial financial roles.

“We will look at whoever he sends up, and once he does, we’ll take a look at it” …

Jet Blue is all set to take up its speed with its services

Jet Blue is considered to be one of the few carriers who has taken up the initiative of flying its passengers over the Atlantic. The most versatile approach of this airline is that it is low budgeted with better amenities. Although in recent years many of its services were disrupted, this airline is all set to be back with a speed like never before. Initiatives have been taken to upgrade the various classes and also creating better traveling comfort for the passengers.

Facts to consider:

There are various classes that the airline offers and one of them if the premium …

Dow Jones drops as low as Apple, but the stocks break out

Despite Disney’s breakout, the Dow Jones Industrial Average led market indexes backtracked. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 0.7% while the S&P shed 0.6% and the NASDAQ sloshed 0.6%. Small tanks were also beneath the surface as Russell 2000 sank to a low of 1.1%.

The S&P 500 is still on the winning streak and it might snap the eighth session as well. However, all the three indexes are at 3% less than their all-time highs which might induce a frown. Looking at the statistical report of Dow Jones Industrial’s 30 stocks, only four stocks have advanced.

Disney (DIS) advanced …