Major tech giants are vulnerable to Intel’s chip production issues

The rising demand and shortfall of supply has caused a major disruption in the functioning of the technical community and is hurting the tech giants such as HP, Microsoft, and Apple. Intel’s CPU shortage started last year and the bottleneck is still prevailing with no major commitments to when the 14 nm chips will be available. According to the reports, Intel has invested around $1 billion into its 14nm chip production site and claims that the issue will be resolved very soon. If sources are to be believed, Intel’s exclusive deal to Apple initiated the problem where Intel is trying…

Steal Deal on Sony’s Latest Headphones

Why should you have these headphones in your arsenal?

Before you start worrying about the price you should know why you deserve these headphones in the first place.

  • The first and the most major highlight of the Sony WH1000XM3 wireless headphones are that their noise cancellation abilities have been crafted by the best in the industry. That means exact noise cancellation as you tune out of the world and let the music wash over you. This ability extends towards your calls – if you are in a crowded place, the noise isolation helps you communicate as if you were surrounded