Spacewalking Astronauts face trouble with stuck panels & wrangled cables on the space station

Spacewalking Astronauts face trouble with stuck panels & wrangled cables on the space station

Two spacewalking astronauts eventfully completed their task on time today although the stubborn panel on the International Space Station added several minutes to the work during the troubleshooting.

NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques spent almost a little less than 7 hours to complete several repairs on the space station. Moreover, the internet cable work at the U.S laboratory added to their problems as they upgrade the tasks.

The astronauts had a tough time in space while trying to remove the micrometeoroid orbital debris shield as one of the fasteners refused to loosen which led to the astronauts to try pry bar to open the panel. Astronaut Jeanette Epps suggested the move to Saint-Jacques as he was walking the astronauts through the spacewalks. Both the spacewalking astronauts high-fived each other and started working on the panel. However, adding to their troubles, the panel refused to go back in.

The experiment support and the robot cables

This 216th spacewalk was performed by astronauts on the space station commenced at 7.31 a.m EDT (1131 GMT) and the mammoth task list included installation of new lithium-ion batteries, movement of adapter panel into place and paving a path for the futuristic robotic works.
The astronauts have been relieved after dealing with the stubborn debris shield and wrangling cables. Sooner, they were assisted by Canadian robotic arm, Candadarm 2, to lift equipment and assist with repairs on the space station.

Next, the astronauts had to split up to finish the remnant set of task where Saint-Jacques was assigned with the installation of special support plugs at the Columbus module while McClain went to the other side. Saint-Jacques, being unable to understand the configuration of the Columbus module had to hold off the installation today but the mission control staff asked him to take pictures for further investigation.

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