Is Netflix now being less generous?

The fast internet streaming service, Netflix seems to take note of its free available videos and has begun to cut down on this. The service provider has reduced the speed of the videos which are watched by the users on AT&T and Verizon. It deliberately wants to protect its business from any kind of encroachment.

Days after the mid-term elections, the President posted a video strongly advocating his own “plan” for net neutrality rules, upping the volume on this year’s loud, confusing, and often intentionally misdirected debate on how best to maintain the open Internet.

The FCC, which by law …

Which is still better – Samsung Galaxy s7 or iphone 6s

It is always interesting to compare an ios and android device, as the former comes as a light weight mobile phone; the latter has some weight to it. The technical features in terms of camera, processors, RAM remains almost similar but Apple has definitely something different to offer in terms of beliefs.

The iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 have very little in common – the both are similar in physical size with the iPhone 6S being just slightly smaller and 9 grams lighter. Their processors, RAM, storage, batteries and even NFC are all different, although they both sport …

FBI to onset the phone unlocking in times of dire need

The leading investigation agency of USA has extended a friendly hand to all the authorities across the states who wish to break the information in mobile phone of suspects. It came in the wake of lack of technologies on the part of smaller investigation agencies which find it tough to derive the information from such devices.

The FBI said in a letter to local authorities that it understands the challenges they face and that they lack necessary tools to monitor and investigate the communications of suspects who use encrypted mobile devices, according to the correspondence obtained by Reuters on Friday.…

Sony Interactive Entertainment alias Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony undergoes a name change as Sony Interactive Entertainment in the continents of Europe, America and Asia where the company has got a large user base. Sony has done in order to be more appealing to the ears of the game lovers in the wide market base of these continents.

Sony has officially announced that they have changed their name from Sony Computer Entertainment to Sony Interactive Entertainment. This change will take place in America, Europe, and Asia. That’s it. I’m only reporting this to cut down on the confusion factor when people think SCEA went out of business or …

Super quality video conferencing via Acer Chromebase

The dexterity of Acer Chromebase surfaced at CES 2016 with Google’s enterprise software that powers the machine to interact with 25 users in a single hangout session. This machine is specifically dedicated for video conferencing and is very user friendly along with working for people who have no Google accounts.

Unlike Chromebox for meetings, which the big G launched back in 2014, this is an all-in-one device that already comes with a display. Google says getting the computer up and running is as easy as plugging it in and connecting it to a network.

Chromebase has a 24-inch, 1080p touchscreen …

Tesla unveils partially its Model 3

The most awaited car from Tesla Motors Inc. made its debut in Hawthorne where its CEO Elon Musk talked about few specifications of the electric marvel. This included the cost, speed, size, its range keeping some of its features under wraps. The car costs around $35000 to $42000 and has been termed as a premium range of sedan.

The number of would-be buyers placing deposits of $1,000 each had reached 198,000 by Friday morning after the Model 3 was unveiled Thursday night in Hawthorne, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted.

Deliveries are scheduled to start at the end of 2017.…

Internet swept away with techie pranks

April fool’s Day this year has proved to be a bit unconventional with Google, Sony, Thinkgeek and others joining the bandwagon in introducing novel concept for fooling and making people laugh. The most spectacular prank came from Thinkgeek that included a diet coke rocket and Sony unveiled a ghost catching device.

Like previous years, some things never change: Google really likes April Fools’ Day, Thinkgeek always boasts the products you wish were real, although they may have been topped by Sony this year.

Let’s check out how tech is trying to prank us in 2016.

Let’s start with Google

Because …